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Fostering Bulloch

Our Mission

Fostering Bulloch exists to share the Love of Christ with children in crisis situations in real and tactile ways.

Our Vision

Fostering Bulloch is currently working on a local footprint for an Independent Living Program in conjunction with Broken Shackle Ranch, a Summer Campground footprint in conjunction with TRAC, and a central warehouse to serve as a shared storage facility for many of our local helping organizations. We actively recruit new foster homes to serve the abused, abandonded and neglected among us.


Approximate Number of Children in Foster Care In Georgia 0-18 Years Old


Approximate Number of Children in Foster Care in Georgia 6-12 Years Old


Approximate Number of Children in Foster Care in Georgia 0-5 Years


Approximate Number of Children in Foster Care in Georgia 13-18 Years Old

Becoming a Foster Parent can be one of the most rewarding, challenging and difficult things you may ever do.  Opening your home to a child in crisis means opening your heart to share their love and their hurts. Their struggles and their successes.  Their heartbreak and their healing.


It is not something to be entered into lightly, but with a tremendous amount of prayerful consideration.


If you are interested in finding out more information about fostering in Bulloch County, or in your own county in Georgia, the first step is to contact the state at 877-210-KIDS.


Your information will be forwarded to your home county, and you will be contacted about upcoming informational orientations hosted by your county DFCS .


To discuss the process further, feel free to call us at 912-690-2498 or email us at